The Dow Jones Industrial Average®, (also called "Dow Jones", "Dow Jones Industrial", "Dow 30", or more commonly, "The Dow"), is a US stock market index that reflects a weighted average of the prices of 30 US stocks.  It was created on May 26, 1896 by its founder, Charles Dow.  The Dow is one of the most commonly quotes index averages in the USA - the others being the NASDAQ® and the S&P 500®. The DJIA is the second oldest US market index.  The oldest indes is the Dow Jones Transportation Average, which was also created by Charles Dow.


The "Industrial" part of the name is largely historical.  Most of the current-day components have little to do with traditional heavy industry. The DJIA weighted and all stock splits are taken into account.  Its value is not a true average of the 30 components, but the sum of each individual stock, divided by a divisor.  This divisor changes each time of the 30 component stocks undergoes a stock split or issues a dividend.  This ensures a consistent value for the DJIA.  Currently, the divisor is less than one.  Therefore the DJIA is is larger than the sum of the component stock prices.  The Dow is used to gague the health of the US economy, however, its performace is heavily influenced by corporate reports, economic reports, foreign events, and natural disasters.


As of September 1, 2014, the 30 stocks that make up the DJIA average are:

Dow Jones Industrial Average® Component Stocks
Company Ticker Date Added Last Price
3M MMM 8/9/1976
American Express AXP 8/30/1982
AT&T T 11/1/1999
Boeing BA 3/12/1987
Caterpillar CAT 5/6/1991
Chevron CVX 2/19/2008
Cisco Systems CSCO 6/8/2009
Coca Cola KO 3/12/1987
Dupont DD 11/20/1935
Exxon Mobil XOM 10/1/1928
General Electric GE 11/7/1907
Goldman Sachs GS 9/20/2013
Home Depot HD 11/1/1999
Intel INTC 11/1/1999
IBM IBM 6/29/1979
Johnson & Johnson JNJ 3/17/1997
JP Morgan Chase JPM 5/6/1991
McDonalds MCD 10/30/1985
Merck MRK 6/29/1979
Microsoft MSFT 11/1/1999
Nike NKE 9/20/2013
Pfizer PFE 4/8/2004
Proctor & Gamble PG 5/26/1932
Travelers TRV 6/8/2009
United Health Group UNH 9/24/2012
United Technologies UTX 3/14/1939
Verizon VZ 4/8/2004
Visa V 9/20/2013
Walmart WMT 3/17/1997
Walt Disney DIS 5/6/1991


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